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I believe we are in a wonderful time in God’s timing - provided, of course, that our hearts are hungry and thirsty for God! It is so important in these last days, right before Jesus returns to take us up to be with Him, then to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords, that we are in the centre of God’s Will for our lives - we will then be in the centre of the Moving of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: FOR THEY SHALL BE FILLED.” It is when we hunger and thirst, that we are filled!

If we truly hunger after God, we will want to obey Him. We will have already determined that our flesh must take a back seat! It must be brought in line with God’s Word - in fact, we canot afford to have it any other way! You may have noticed that we have an enemy out there whose sole purpose is to get you and I to back off God’s Word. He will even tell you that there is no way God will ever do that for you, so don’t even bother reading His Word, let alone speaking and living it! Have you been there?

We have to know that we know that we know, that God will NEVER EVER fail us (Hebrews 13:5) - He will NEVER EVER lie to us (Titus 1:2) - HIS WORD IS TRUTH AND WILL SET US FREE from EVERY work of the enemy in our lives (John 17:17; John 8:32). (To be continued)


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