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As we begin a New Year, I believe it is time for the Body of Christ to make some quality decisions - decisions from which there is no turning back! So often, we hear of people making New Year Resolutions, and we often hear the adage, ‘they are made to break’!

Well, praise God, when we make a quality decision, based on God’s Word, God Himself will cause His Strength and Ability which is already residing within us if we are born again of His Spirit, to rise up and HE will be our enabling. Folks, WE ARE NOT ON OUR OWN! Praise God, the GREATER ONE resides within us and HE is MORE THAN ENOUGH to see us through.

What quality decisions should we be making, you may ask? Well, in these days when the Glory of God is being poured out in our Land, you may have noticed that the enemy has stepped up his attack! He will never stand in front of you and say, ‘I’m here - get ready for this attack - get ready for this sickness - get ready for financial lack!’ No, he will come when we least expect it in the natural, but God’s Word says in Romans 8:14 that we are led by His Spirit if we are His children. We need to listen and respond instantly when the Spirit of God warns us. BUT, whatever happens (because while we are in this world, there will be things coming against us - John 16:33), we need to make a quality decision that we will NEVER EVER QUIT! No matter what your situation may look like, decide NOW that from now on you will never ever quit.

‘How can I make that decision’, you may ask, ‘with everything in turmoil around me?’ If you are a child of God, then He is your Source for EVERYTHING. He is Jehovah Jireh - the God Who sees ahead and provides - He is El Shaddai - the God Who is More Than Enough to meet your need and see you through EVERY situation. Make that decision TODAY, determining in your heart that NOTHING will ever come before God’s Word - HIS WORD IS TRUTH AND POWER, and will put you over EVERY TIME!

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